Designing collections is like telling stories. Finding topics, in terms of form or content, that I consider important and exciting and express them on different levels. The stories are already reflected in the name of my collections. The Devotion series describes the metal's dedication to the diamond. With its new type of barrel, it forms a flowing unity of form and function. This collection was awarded the Red Dot in 1999. Design in jewelry should show and underline individuality and not just be a good product. I achieve this through a combination of serial production technology and craftsmanship. The whole thing is accompanied by a preference for surprising and refined details, space and mobility. My jewelry should be innovative and at the same time timeless, expressive, without crowding in front of the wearer, clear, without being cool, elegant and valuable and of high quality craftsmanship and design.

Trained as a jewelry designer in Pforzheim at the College of Design, Ursula Scholz has been self-employed since 1984. She designs and develops gold and platinum jewelry collections that are made in her own workshop. Ursula Scholz has lived and worked in Sch├Âneiche near Berlin since 1997 in an Art Nouveau villa on the eastern outskirts of Berlin, which offers a suitable ambience for her studio and showroom, events and exhibitions. In the shop in the Dutch Quarter in Potsdam, the jewelry is shown in all its diversity. I look forward to seeing you in my studio or shop.

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High craftsmanship and high design quality make the piece of jewelry I make unique. When it comes to jewelry making, I am happy to personally advise you. Developing what is suitable for the individuality with the wearer is an exciting and joyful process. Old jewelry can be reworked and precious stones can be set in a new, modern form.

Our jewelry workshop is only 25 minutes from Berlin-Mitte, in the east of Berlin, near the M├╝ggelsee and Berlin-Friedrichshagen. This is where our jewelry is made. In addition to our workshop, there is also a jewelry exhibition in our house, where you can not only see our jewelry finished, but also purchase them. If you would like a production or advice, we look forward to welcoming you to our house.

You are welcome to visit us by calling us in advance. And of course you can find all of our jewelry in our shop in Potsdam.

Tel. +49 (0) 30 64903999